Mr. Rogers visits the Engelhardt Factory: Here is a video link from 1985 when Mr. Rogers visited the Englehardt factory. It  shows them constructing an entire bass old school, using the same factory and jigs that they originally made the old Kay basses with. Very Cool!


How much is my old Kay bass worth?


What should it mean when someone claims the bass has a  “great setup”?


What should I look for when buying a used upright bass?

If you are looking at buying a vintage plywood bass and are outside of our local region,  with an ipad  or iphone and a skype or facetime account, we are available to setup a live video stream  and checkout the potential instrument with you. ‘Not as good as having it here in person on our workbench and it comes with no guarantees from our end, but a second set of professional eyes helps a lot. This is the same thing we insist on when buying a bass long distance. 


We’ve got a lot of information and history on your old bass when you bring it by for a visit. Some of our friends have already done a great job putting it out on the web:

American Standard and King bass serial numbers

Roger Stower’s old-school website with descriptions of Kay model numbers, history, and serial numbers.

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Everything on the history of Epiphone and vintage Gibson upright basses from our friends Lonnie and Wendy.

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The Guild of American Luthiers

Promoting knowledge and information sharing across the spectrum of instruments and instrument building, facilitated by some of the finest luthiers in the world. We’ve been a proud member, writer, and lecturer for two decades.

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