April 2017

Head over to facebook and find us on the worldwide waste of time at Kay Bass Repair for regular updates and eye candy from now on and also check us out at Condino String Instruments and for all of the new instrument builds and custom work. 

James made the cover of American Lutherie Magazine  and a feature article in the spring issue!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone over at the Knoxville luthiers group for hosting James giving a great workshop on sunburst finishing last month.


January 2017

The new year is starting off great with a long and detailed feature article in Guitarmaker Magazine from James’ bass restoration and setup workshop last year at The Association of String Instrument Artisan’s Symposium at East Stroudsburg State University.

Thanks again for a fantastic and busy 2016 from all of our friends,  customers, and students playing, gigging, and touring all over the world. You are the reason we exist!

If you are in town on the weekend, make sure to stop by the great local brewery Ben’s Tune Up every Saturday to checkout The Gypsy Guitar Trio featuring  Steve Karla, Phil Alley, and James Condino, playing Django as fast as they can get it out and tearing things up on that incredibly road worn 1947 Kay and the nice custom guitar that Steve built. This makes four years straight of  that gig!

April 2016

James made the front and back covers of American Lutherie magazine this month and a nice lengthy article transcribed from one of his large workshops at The Guild of American Luthier’s convention on hand rubbed sunburst finishes. Thanks to everyone at the GAL for another fine production.

Lots of fun activity around the shop this month and we’ll have a couple of nice fully rebuilt vintage 1940s Kays for sale over the next few months.

********A HUGE congratulations go out to our good friend, neighbor, and customer Tim Surrett of Balsam Range for getting the 2015 IBMA Bass Player of the Year award!!!!!

September 2015

Be on the lookout for a number of our vintage restorations at the upcoming IBMA awards in Raleigh, North Carolina next week- several rebuilt old Kays, a new neck and scroll graft Epiphone, and one of the coolest old American Standards you’ll find with a new neck and scroll graft.

Soon we’ll unveil a few of the very cool new shop jigs and setups that we have been working on this year:

– A VERY precise new giant mortice and tennon cutting syetem that comes out so tight that necks are interchangeable between bodies. It is the new standard for all of our new and replacemnet necks and for our removable neck systems.

-Additionally we have a new scroll graft setup that is equally accurate.  So far this year, we have done 9 (!) scroll grafts with it, everyone turning out more accurate and done more efficiently than any other methods we used previously.

-A new full sized mould that allows us to faithfully re-arch and rebuild collapsed and damaged laminate tops to original vintage arching specs with the added benefit that we should start producing our own custom spec new laminate tops this year. This is something we have been working towards for about a decade and finally built this year. It is up and running as we type and as you can imagine, is in constant use.

– Nicknamed  “the bass BBQ” and “the bass turntable” by folks who have seen it, we now have a giant modular workbench that allows us to rotate your bass top, back, and rib garland 360 degrees while securely clamped for the ultimate in restoration accessability; the ultimate in restoration and new building function.

‘Hope everyone had a great summer touring season and are enjoying the beautiful fall!


April 2015

We are both excited and honored to announce that’s  founder, CEO, and lead luthier James Condino will be giving several workshops at the upcoming Assosciation of Stringed Instrument Artisan’s Symposium at East Stroudsburg University, Pa. June.10-14, including a bass specific vintage restoration and new bass building session! Bass nerds unite!

We just accepted another full custom Pfretzschner restoration project. Stay tuned for a photoessay breakdown of how we go about bringing the lizard skin Pfretzsch back in top form as we try to push the boundaries a little bit further on every one we build.

January 2015

‘Hope everyone made it through the holidays in top form; we’re looking forward to a great new year with a whole bunch of exciting things coming up soon!

Click here for a new story from James of car wrecks, broken basses, and resurrections…..

December 2014

Congratulations to our good friends Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen featuring Dan Booth on bass  for their 2014 International Bluegrass Music Assosciation’s  instrumental band of the year and their Grammy nomination!!!!

September 2014

We shipped our first custom bass to London this week: the removable neck made it EEEEEAAAAASSSSSYYYYY!!!!!

July 2014:

Thanks to the Guild of American Luthiers for hosting James giving a couple of builder’s workshops at the best instrument builder’s show in the country in Tacoma this month. Great people, great presentations, and a week of constant fun!

June 2014

James will be headed  north for the 2nd Annual Pittsburgh Bass Day / GTG on June 29. This should be a very cool bass dork -o-rama!!!! Expect a worshop, several instruments on hand, and  being available  for all of your upright bass questions and  advice! Call the shop before the event if you have any specific needs or want to schedule an appointment or anything more complex for that weekend.

Here is a facebook link for more details and info:

March 2014

I’m excited to announce that our head luthier, James Condino, has  been invited to present two workshops at the upcoming Guild of American Luthier’s Convention this July in Tacoma, Washington. More details to come soon!

The removable neck Pfretzschner is up and running and has made a few cameo gigs around the local area. Stop by for a demo- but be warned: you’ll want it!