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Our primary focus is to keep your old bass in great running condition, but we regularly have basses available for sale and offer parts  for you or your local luthier to work on your own bass.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, call us  and ask.

With a  Skype or Facetime account, all of our products and services can be viewed with live streaming where you can see all of the fine details, hear the instruments played, and ask questions.

We are always interested in purchasing vintage US made basses in need of restoration, or those that others have deemed too far gone that we can use for parts.

Currently Available:

mid 1930s Pfretzschner 3/4  mild custom aluminum bass with removable neck!!!!!

DSCN7661   DSCN7646









We present to you a one of a kind mild custom bass, just out of the “skunkworks”. Generally, we lean towards originality and period correct restorations. but once in a while we let go and have a bit of fun. This bass literally came out of a barn in the midwest a couple of years ago with a completely trashed neck and in poor condition….but the body was still vey clean. This is an original mid 1930s Pfretzschner flatback aluminum body that was completely dissassembled, cleaned up, and gone through before reassembly.

DSCN7647   DSCN7666







We took a bit of creative liberty in constructing a new neck. It is completely removable via the two external heel bolts in about 30 seconds and fits in a simple Fender P bass style gig bag or a Pelican brand hardshell shotgun case. The original fingerboard was saved and morphed with 25 year air dried Honduras mahogany, bloodwood and European pear into a whole new modern neck built with a “D” heel, carbon fiber rods hidden in inside, New aluminum scroll cheeks were machined. Combine all of that with the original scroll and tuning machines for a steampunk cyborg look. The scroll and pegbox assembly can be completely dissassembled easily so you can also change them or add your own custom version. We field tested a design with a couple of other top sections in place of the original scroll- a modified billiards 8 ball, a vintage car hood ornament, and a couple of others! Add an original Framus 50s era aluminum bridge, a custom titanium oversized hollow endpin, and an excellent professional grade setup. Currenly setup with Spirocore  medium E, A and Olive G,D , this bass also rocks with a full set of guts!

DSCN7702   DSCN7657








This bass has been gig tested about a dozen times and is ready to hit the tour with confidence and boldness. Watchout- when I gig with my nice carved bass, a couple of bass dorks come up and chat about it. When I bring an old beat up Kay, a half dozen more folks are interested. When I’ve brought this one out to the clubs, about 40 people surround me on the set break and I hardly have a chance to rest for a minute. Not for the tame or faint hearted, step up and own the show with this bass. You can see that the front and player’s side were polished up, but the back and other side have been left in as found conition. Our customers are about 50-50 on the polished vs. roadworn look, so we left it for the next owner to decide. As far as we know, this is the only professional grade removable neck vintage Pfretzschenr in existence. ( We will do conversions  on your existing  bass. Please call for more information) Get it while you can, because this one will not last long!  SOLD!

1952 Kay C-1: Another nice factory spec rootbeer sunburst C1 with a surprise: the former owner was doing some light touring in Europe and had us set this up as an occasional use  removable neck conversion. Great classic Kay voice. $2200\

1952 Kay M1 back! Excellent condition with beautiful curly maple outside layers. I don’t know who was the source, but the maple that they used from approx. 1951-1953 for old Kays is some of the finest and highly figured they ever used. Ready for your restoration or rebuild. Original label included on inside. Cherry cola sunburst, ready to glue on with no issues. $450

1952 Kay M1 half rib garland. Sold and going to fix up a nice Chubby Jackson model 5 string!

Early  ’60s Kay C1 :  Rootbeer sunburst body serial # 45207,  3/4 size M1  in good condition. No neck issues, or breaks. The fingerboard has been removed, carbon fiber beams installed hidden inside the neck, and the fingerboard was glued back along with a 1/4″ ebony shim to get it up to a very comfortable  thickness. We do a lot of these style neck rebuilds and the results are always fantastic. Spirocores, new Despiau bridge;  a great old Kay with outstanding setup and playability. This is an awesome old Kay- the number one go to bass for gigs and jam sessions in the shop. $3000. SOLD!

Blonde 1939 Kay C1: Serial number 4195,  January 1939.  Sold !

Kay tailpiece medleyVintage Kay Brazilian rosewood tailpieces: ‘Always buying and selling nice examples of these; we usually have several original Kay tailpieces in stock.  We also offer very accurate reproductions and modern tailpiece interpretations- see our gallery images. Please call for prices and models available.




Wanted: Original Epiphone bass tailpiece with the brass logo badge intact. Sunburst or natural is ok. We’ve made a number of very accurate reproductions of these (see gallery images) in the past, but are on the hunt for a nice one to be able to clone the badge for a couple of people in need.

Vintage Kay  partial necks: The most common place for neck issues on old Kays is broken or badly damaged heels. We rebuild necks all of the time and regularly do full scroll grafts to keep the vintage look and mojo but add it to a properly sized and structural strength new neck. We’ve got a good supply of these partial  necks and full scrolls from every era for your restoration needs.

mid 1940s Pfretschner aluminum bass: 3/4 flatback.  SOLD!

Early 1930s AlCOA Aluminum bass: 3/4, unrestored . Original faux wood grain finish in good shape. Located in the Toronto area. SOLD!

We’re  looking for an AlCoA
in need of  major restoration for  a project here and  are always interested in damaged basses for restoration parts. Trades and offers are welcome.