4 Sale: Parts, Instruments, and Materials

1947 Kay C1- “The Legend” is for sale!

Anyone who has passed through our shop in the last ten years knows this old Kay- “the Legend”. This bass has played literally thousands of gigs and recording sessions and shows a ton of honest road wear and mojo BUT….it is one of the finest sounding, playing, and setup old Kays anywhere in existence.

As a shop that specializes in vintage Kays and sees hundreds every year, this has been our main shop demo / loaner / demonstration model / recording session / first choice gig bass for the last decade.

The entire neck has never been broken, the top has been re-arched and re- voiced. Both blocks have been replaced. Despaiu bridge, currenty rocking Spirocore EA and gut DG strings. The fantastic feeling neck is very thick, comfortable and solid in your hands (not the typical factory thin neck profile) and has been beefed up with internal carbon fiber beams & a nice thick original fingerboard. The  voice is fantastic, you can play it all day long, the setup is beautiful fast and low. This one is the real deal and we’ll probably regret selling it; now is your chance!

A perfect excuse for a visit up to the mountains of beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.

See the full ad and photos here on Reverb.com : 



1945 Kay M1. sold!

1942 Kay M1  -sold!

1938 American Standard, serial number 632.

Full restoration, neck shortened to 41 1/2″ scale with a D heel and perfect f hole alignment of bridge, comes with a 1 year warranty. A killer old bass- this is the one that all working bass players want! Photos and description coming soon. $4500 SOLD

1940 Kay C1 :






1945 Removable Neck Kay M1:














We are always interested in purchasing vintage US made  American Standard, AlCoA and other basses in need of restoration, or models we can use for parts.

Wanted: Original circa 1960-’66 Ampeg Gemini 1,  1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb amps. Gotta beat up old  National Duolian you wanna part with?

1954 American Standard


1940 Kay



Every upright bass player I know wants one of these:  A rare find with possibly the cleanest, dent free body we have ever seen. The body has been stripped and polished to a blinding high shine with a full custom workup. This bass is one of the finest custom examples we have ever done or seen;  a one of a kind collector grade item. We’re open to trades and partial trades for similar value vintage items- get creative and lets see what you have. SOLD!






1930 ALCOA!!!! Unrestored in mint original condition with the factory painted finish. A literal barn fresh find awaiting your setup specs. Please call for more information. SOLD!!!




















Vintage American Standard bass back and tops. We have several vintage tops, backs, and parts available; $450-700. Call for more info.

Late 1930s sunburst Pfretzschner aluminum bass, roundback 3/4. Very clean original condition with a rare factory original sunburst finish. SOLD in record time!!!!

Mid 30s Pfretzschner  3/4 flatback aluminum bass. Beyond cool, obscure, coveted, and  offered a very reasonable price. This one is pretty clean and dent free. sold

mid 1930s Pfretzschner 3/4  aluminum bass with custom removable neck.  Sold to our friends  at Bass Guitar Magazine in London!

1952 Kay C-1: Another nice factory spec rootbeer sunburst C1. Sold and currently gigging throughout the midwest.

1952 Kay M1 back!  sold.

1952 Kay M1 half rib garland. Sold and going to fix up a nice Chubby Jackson model 5 string!

Early  ’60s Kay C1 :  SOLD!

Blonde 1939 Kay C1: Serial number 4195,  January 1939.  Sold !

Kay tailpiece medleyVintage Kay Brazilian rosewood tailpieces: ‘Always buying and selling nice examples of these; we usually have several original Kay tailpieces in stock.  We also offer very accurate reproductions and modern tailpiece interpretations- see our gallery images. Please call for prices and models available.




Wanted: Original Epiphone bass tailpiece with the brass logo badge intact. Sunburst or natural is ok. We’ve made a number of very accurate reproductions of these (see gallery images) in the past, but are on the hunt for a nice one to be able to clone the badge for a couple of people in need.

Vintage Kay  partial necks: The most common place for neck issues on old Kays is broken or badly damaged heels. We rebuild necks all of the time and regularly do full scroll grafts to keep the vintage look and mojo but add it to a properly sized and structural strength new neck. We’ve got a good supply of these partial  necks and full scrolls from every era for your restoration needs.

mid 1940s Pfretschner aluminum bass: 3/4 flatback.  SOLD!

Early 1930s AlCOA Aluminum bass: 3/4, unrestored . Original faux wood grain finish in good shape. Located in the Toronto area. SOLD!

We’re  looking for an AlCoA
in need of  major restoration for  a project here and  are always interested in damaged basses for restoration parts. Trades and offers are welcome.