It broke.

Don’t stress out over it.

That is the price we pay for playing the coolest instrument in the band.



We spend our days restoring old basses and building new ones; at the end of the day when the shop closes, we’re  out  gigging on the bass all around the region. We understand that a nice old bass with a great setup will change your life! offers the full spectrum of repair and restoration services using period correct materials, adhesives, and finishes, all under the supervision of  master luthier James Condino, who brings over three decades of fine instrument building and restoration to the workshop.

  • Full setups
  • Broken necks
  • New bassbars
  • Revoicing
  • New bridges / soundosts / fittings
  • Delaminations
  • Seam separations
  • Detachable neck conversions
  • Fingerboard leveling / dressing / replacements
  • Carbon fiber neck reinforcement / carbon fiber soundposts
  • Major trauma reconstruction
  • Pickup and electronic installations

It’s not a big fiddle or a guitar on steroids; we understand.